FM Products Degreaser Extra Power

The quality of FM products is just awesome, today I was cleaning up my windows and was have a bit of a challenge cleaning up my glass doors as kids love to play on them and place thier oily hands and forehead against the glass. Window cleaner was working fine but I soon realised that I was having to scrub hard inorder to remove the palm prints.

Degreaser Extra PowerA thought struck me to try and the degreaser and was quite impressed by the quick results I got.  I stopped complaing that instand and added the FM Degreaser Extra Power to my favorite list.

Degreaser Extra Power

Price £5,90 for 750 ml

Thoroughly removes fatty deposits from tabletops, sinks, deep fat fryers, ventilating fans, hoods, ovens, grills, hot plates, tiles and other kitchen equipment. It leaves a loveley scent that lingers for hours.


I have found another way to use this product, it has kept my stove and oven  clean by removing the most difficult grease, and it is not harsh to the skin. To order this product email me using the contact me form. Check out more products from the FM Home Care Catalogue HERE!!

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