About Us

Rich Fragrances is a distributorship for the the FM Cosmetics UK. Competitive market prices. FM Group Perfumes are made by DROM.

* FM Group manufactures its products in huge, modern, state-of-the-art premises using machinery especially custom-made for their high speed processes – this ensures that they keep their costs down and they pass these savings onto their customers.

*FM’s Group’s packaging is classic, yet simple – therefore the customer is not paying for fancy, bespoke, bottles and boxes

* FM Group  do not spend money on advertising on TV, in newspapers, magazines, or on billboards – which adds to the cost of the products you normally purchase in High Street shops

* FM Group  do not pay celebrities to endorse their products – but prefer to rely on satisfied customers to recommend them to others

* FM Group do not employ teams of demonstrators in departmental stores – they teach their distributors how to introduce their products to customers

* Extra costs are not added by trading through wholesalers and retailers – our products are shipped directly from the Company to our Distributors or their customers

This is why FM Group can offer its customers a range of top quality products at prices they can afford.


I hope you find the information I provide valuable and helpful.

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