*The FM Group is a very fast growing company in the perfume market. It was created by young people, who responded to the demands and needs of this generation, so our products are able to cater for a wide range of the community there by creating business opportunities for people who want financial freedom or who just want to earn extra income. *FM Cosmetics offers a wide range of fragrances from these families: Floral,Citrus, Oriental, Wood, Chypre, Fruit, Pheromones,Fougere and Water. *There is also a wide range of makeup, at home cleaning products, products for your pets and cars. *FM Group offers products that are available at the best possible prices that our customers are happy with. *FM products are satisfactory to both the customer and distributor. *FM products are readily available at the customers demand via the distributor. *FM products are branded to FM Group. *FM manufactures its products in huge, modern, state-of-the-art premises using machinery especially custom-made for their high speed processes – this ensures that they keep their costs down and they pass these savings onto their customers *FM uses packaging that is simple and yet classic, which reduces the cost the customer, has to pay, meaning that you are not paying for fancy, bespoke, bottles and boxes. *FM does not spend money on advertising on TV, in newspapers, magazines, or on billboards – so it reduces the cost of the products comparable to purchasing from the High Street shops. *FM products are not endorsed by celebrities - but rely on word of mouth through satisfied customers. *FM provides training for their distributors on how to introduce the products to their customers which cuts the cost the departmental stores have to incur. *Reduced costs as they do not pass through wholesalers and retailers - FM products are shipped directly from the Company the Distributors and their their customers. These are the benefits you and your customers can get from FM Group offering a wide range of top quality products at prices that are affordable. FM products and perfumes are stronger and last longer than the ones available in on the market but are far less expensive. The good news is that their quality has not been compromised in any way, so you can still enjoy your favourite products at a lower cost.

The quality of FM Group Products

The FM Group perfumes generally are in stronger concentartions meaning ladies perfumes are 20% concentration and the men’s FM Perfumehave 16% concentration, setting them apart from the departmental stores ranges which commonly has 8-1% Eau de perfume and 4-6% for Eau de toilettes and they make up the remainder with alcohol. The higher concentrations of pure essence in the FM perfumes and fragrances generally means that they will stay longer on your skin than the latter.

There is now more than 200 different fragrances available from the FM group range, making it easy for you to find favorite fragrances for you, family and friends.

The FM Group Catalogues


The FM Group Fragrance Catalogue

The FM Group For Home Products

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